Executive Secretary


As the current Executive Secretary will be retired in December 2021, the Foundation invites applications from persons of vision and foresight, who possess the appropriate calibre, leadership and experience for the position.


Key Responsibilities

Reporting to the Chair and to the Board of Directors and leading, supporting and motivating a team of full and part time employees and volunteers, the Executive Secretary will be responsible for:


  • Liaising with the Board to develop directions, policies and strategies to fulfill the Foundation’s mission;
  • Providing leadership in overall management of the Foundation’s entire daily operations and responsibilities and execution of goals, programmes and initiatives approved by the Board;
  • Implementing sound fiscal management to ensure good financial health of the Foundation;
  • Ensuring appropriate training and development of staff for the fulfillment of the Foundation’s development plans;
  • Establishing and maintaining appropriate internal control system for the efficiency of operations, the safety of physical and digital assets and the compliance with the Foundation’s policies;
  • Promoting the community’s understanding of the scope and extent of services offered by the Foundation and developing good working relationships with other related agencies to initiate opportunities for co-operation and mutual benefit.



  • Bachelor’s degree or above from a recognized university in a closely related discipline;
  • Significant record of a senior management position, ideally within an NGO and/or with local farming background;
  • Inspirational leadership and sound team working and motivational skills;
  • Excellent communication capabilities and sound external relationship management;
  • Strong written and oral communication techniques and solid presentation ability;
  • Highly organized, self motivated and personally effective.


About Produce Green Foundation

We are a small, non-subvented and non-profit charitable organization, established in 1988 by a group of local enthusiasts concerned about modern farming and the environment.  We set up the first educational organic farm in Hong Kong at Hok Tau, Fanling and an elderly community garden at Tsuen Wan.  We strive to promote organic farming and greener lifestyles so that they become part of a sustainable culture of humankind.  Please refer to our web page ( for more information about the Foundation.


How to Apply

Interested parties please send application letter and full resume with current and expected salary to: Administration Officer, 18, Hok Tau Village, Fanling, N.T., or email to:  All applications will be treated in strict confidence and the information received will be used for recruitment purposes only. Applications will be retained for a maximum period of six months.






  綠田園在過去 30 年以來,一直踐行使命:「致力推廣有機耕種及綠色生活方式,使之成為人類持續文化的一部分」。我們奮力不懈地舉辦各類型的耕種及綠色活動,讓大家來我們的農場、社區園圃,親身感受綠色生活方式。



  如果您希望綠田園能在這個極端嚴峻的關口,得以繼續貢獻我們社會和人類文明的共同未來,謹此代表綠田園向您呼籲,慷慨捐款支持我們,把善款存入我們的綠田園基金戶口 (匯豐銀行:039-1-070901)或到我們的 捐款專頁 進行電子捐款。


綠田園基金 ---- 有機耕種實踐課程 2022(秋季)

由零經驗開始,學會種植超過 20 種農作物!


為期 6 個月共 10 個星期日的在地實踐課程,專為對有機耕種有興趣,而又未曾參與過耕作活動的人士而設。每位學員各自在約 100 平方呎的耕地上,跟隨導師種植不少於 20 個品種的當造作物,認識不同種類蔬菜的種植技巧,學習如何建造不同的田畦,計劃不同作物輪替,以及使用有機方法作病蟲害管理等等。導師更會直接指導學員耕種上的問題,解決初學者的困惑和疑問。學員亦可在非課堂日子到農場觀察和照料農作物,收成更可與親友分享。


日期: 2022 年 10 月 9 日    ~ 2023 年 2 月 26 日

上午 10-11 時 或 下午 1-2 時




適合: 從未有農耕經驗的人士
費用: 3,373元
證書: 出席率達 80% 的學員可獲發出席證明